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“Aside from that, people have pointed out that it is a useful object to test with. It's instantly recognisable, it has complex topology, it self-shadows, there are hidden surface issues, it has both convex and concave surfaces, as well as 'saddle points'. It doesn't take much storage space – it's rumoured that some of the early pioneers of computer graphics could type in the teapot from memory.”
-Steve Baker

HOMER reunion

Filed under: CoSGC,HOMER — mgrusin at 1:07 am on Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ten years ago, a talented group of students at the Colorado Space Grant Consortium built and flew a sounding rocket payload called HOMER. That payload was the beginning of many distinguished aerospace careers. We recently had a reunion of some of the students who worked on the project.  Linda Cuplin, Sean Dougherty, Jennifer Rocca and Brian Stuebe came to Boulder, and many more sent their regards.  Photo page coming soon.