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Corporate Mentorship and Student Satellite Projects

Filed under: Project-archive — mgrusin at 1:02 pm on Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Engineer Poti Doukas and student Bruce Davis Experience is one of the main factors in creating a successful space (or any other) project. However, this is one thing that students, by definition, lack.  An effective way around this issue is to invite corporate and academic experts into a project to advise and assist the student engineers.

Mentorship has grown to become a core value at the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.  But it took some time to get that way.  One issue is that a mentorship relationship has to be carefully managed to get the most out of it.  Another is that some of the best mentors at COSGC are former students; the longer a student organization like COSGC exists, the more alumni resources it will produce.

Bruce Davis (DANDE structural lead / I&T manager) and I noticed that other organizations weren’t taking advantage of this resource as well as COSGC was, so we wrote a paper for the 22nd AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites.  The paper illustrates the need in the industry for student-mentor relationships, describes some of CSGC’s best practices for creating and maintaining mentorship ties, and provides some success stories.

“The Creation and Impact of Corporate Mentorship on Student-Led Satellite Projects”

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