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“Face it, folks: Nature is a lazy Mother. If there’s any way at all a physical system: subatomic particle, nucleus, atom, molecule, star, or galaxy can reduce its energy without violating a law of physics, quantum mechanics tells us it will. What it doesn’t tell us is when. Why is this, and how can we exploit this physical principle to generate random numbers?”
-John Walker, Hotbits

About Flying Circuits

Flying Circuits started when old friends began contacting me with unusual engineering problems.  Together we’ve been able to come up with creative and elegant solutions for these problems, and through word of mouth the client list has continued to expand.

I currently have a shiny new master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado, and 10 years of consulting experience in a variety of fields.  I’ve worked on rockets, space shuttles and satellites; MCUs, UAVs and DVDs.  I am now seeking full-time employment, part-time consulting, and tickets to orbit and beyond.

Aerospace systems engineering, embedded systems, media production, and tech rescue.

Anything, anytime, anywhere.  By appointment.